Then She Found Me (1990)

by Elinor Lipman

Known for her romantic comedies, Elinor Lipman began her novel-writing career with a focus on a mother-daughter relationship. April Epner, a reserved, 36-year-old Latin teacher, has lost her adoptive parents and has never desired to know her birth mother. She has no choice, however, when her birth mother crashes into her life. Bernice Graverman is the star of Boston's popular morning TV talk show, Bernice G!, and Aprilís opposite ó flamboyant, glamorous, and attention-seeking. She also wonít let April slam the door on their reunion.

Bernice puts April through many exasperating incidents before April softens toward her and they bond. April even has Bernice to thank for bringing her together with a man with whom she falls in love.

Then She Found Me was adapted into a 2008 feature film directed by and starring Helen Hunt. Bette Midler, Colin Firth, and Matthew Broderick were in the cast.

Lipman followed Then She Found Me with 13 more novels (as of 2023) that are recommended to anyone who enjoys nonmalicious social satire.


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