The Midnight Library (2020)

by Matt Haig

Who hasnít wondered how life would have turned out if one had made different choices?

In The Midnight Library, protagonist Nora Seeds gets to find out. Depressed, Nora attempts suicide and ends up in a space between life and death that is called The Midnight Library and is staffed by her former secondary school librarian. Each book in the library is an alternative life that Nora could have by making a single different decision. If she finds a life she wants, she can stay in it. Nora tries out choice after choice, returning to The Midnight Library when she realizes that the life isnít right for her. Saying that The Midnight Library has an upbeat ending doesnít give away the choice that Nora ultimately makes.

Helping people with depression is a life purpose for author Matt Haig, who suffered a mental breakdown in his early 20s. Haig has written fiction and nonfiction books for adults and children, many in the speculative fiction genre. Reasons to Stay Alive (2023) chronicles his own experiences with depression and anxiety disorder.


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