The Man in the Window (1991)

by Jon Cohen

Librarian and Book Lust author Nancy Pearl named The Man in the Window one of her rediscoveries. The premise that two people can see past physical repulsiveness and find love is engaging. Unfortunately, author Jon Cohen doesn’t deliver well on that premise.

The man in the window, Louis Malone, has been a recluse for half his life, since a fire disfigured his face at age 16. Nurse Iris Shula, short and squat, has never been loved. The book is two-thirds finished before they are even brought together, and the ambiguous ending leaves up in the air (pun for those of you who finish the book) whether they actually will have a relationship.

Cohen can deliver amusing scenes and colorful characters, but much of the material is tangential to the love story that the back cover says the book is about.


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