The Maid (2022)

by Nita Prose

Molly Gray likes nothing better than cleaning, so her job as a maid at an upscale boutique hotel is ideal. She is happy there until she discovers the dead body of a rich tycoon in a hotel room bed. When Molly is suspected of murder, she comes to realize that she has been framed.

The true culprits are discovered by book’s end, but the mystery story isn’t the foremost appeal of The Maid. Molly’s character is. Clearly on the autism spectrum, though that phrase is never used, Molly at the beginning of the story has a difficult time judging people. Her only close relationship was with the recently deceased grandmother who raised her. Molly often misses social cues and says the wrong thing or explains too much. Through her ordeal over being wrongly suspected of murder, Molly must learn to better evaluate others, and her perception grows.

The Maid is a heartwarming tale with a heroine readers will love and root for. They will be rewarded.


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