Frederica (1965)

by Georgette Heyer

The Marquis of Alverstoke is 37, self-indulgent, and jaded. He never accommodates anyone. He never stays in love for long. Then the Merrivilles, his distant country cousins, arrive in London. Frederica, the oldest and a virtual mother to her siblings, asks him to present her beautiful sister, Charis, to high society so that Charis can make a good marriage. The marquis agrees because Charis will outshine the plain daughter of his irritating sister Louisa, annoying Louisa. Frederica’s young brothers take a liking to Alverstoke, and soon he’s embroiled in the affairs and misadventures of them all. Frederica’s self-possession and frank manners fascinate Alverstoke; he’s never met such a woman. This being a Georgette Heyer romance, you can guess where the story is headed. It’s a delightful journey along the way, with amusing characters and witty dialogue.


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