At Home in Mitford (1996)

by Jan Karon

At Home in Mitford is the first in Jan Karon’s series of novels featuring an Episcopal rector in a small North Carolina town named Mitford. The series has a devoted following, testifying to readers’ yearning for books that are sweet and uplifting. However, At Home in Mitford is so sweet, it’s unrealistic.

Even the thief who goes to jail turns decent, and the worst that can be said about the characters is that they’re annoying. Everything resolves into a perfect ending. Karon’s intent may be to show that hand of God working in people’s lives, but the challenges don’t seem so great as to merit divine intervention. For the most part, the lessons Father Tim learns have more to do with balancing the demands in his life than with faith.

If you want to spend some time in the company of people you’d like to have as your own neighbors, however, At Home in Mitford is a pleasant read.


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